Gostaresh Milad Pharmed expansion in 2010 in response to the needs of the country to prevent and control diseases and improve the digestive system, immune system and reproductive system of women and children and adults in the center of Tehran University began the development of pharmaceutical products produced by the company is as follows:
1. Prokid Capsule
2. Prodigest Capsule
3. Provage Capsule
4. Prokid Oral Drops
5. Prokid Oral Drops + D3
Digestive health as responsible for the digestion of food and energy production in the body, it is important. Many experts, such as the gastrointestinal tract is the second brain affects other organs and also play an important role in improving digestive. 70 to 75 percent and 90 percent of immune cells produce antibodies. Digestive tract is very important. Between inside and outside the body because the world is not surprising that defensive mechanism to identify microorganisms with good and bad.
The word probiotic means life since 1965. Different definitions for it was raised by the International Organization for Food and Agriculture, FAO and the WHO in 2001 to a common definition arrived. " Probiotics are microorganisms living that doses sufficient to cause beneficial effects on the health of the host will be." The microorganisms not only are diseases are not diseases, but primarily to the body. These organisms may include yeast such as Saccharomyces or bacteria of different genera are Probiotic digestive system and gastrointestinal health in a hundred trillion bacteria normally live in the early years of the 2000s, attention was drawn to the prebiotic bacteria are living microorganisms that, when you enter prebiotic digestive system will have a positive effect on his health. Inflammation of the stomach and intestine villi and reduce these bacteria digest better, and they secrete chemicals that affect your immune system is stimulated to grow Bacteria his disease.